As the internet continues to grow, social networking services (SNS) have become a fundamental part of our social infrastructure.
We use SNS as a platform to connect companies and consumers while appealing to users in an engaging manner.

Vector’s Consulting

SNS is a platform with a high degree of closeness to customers. Therefore, the content posted on SNS is easy to explode with both good and bad news. That is why risk management needs to be put on top when operating SNS sites.

At Vector, we provide SNS platform operation services to customers that not only increase interaction but also focus on risk management.

SNS Management services

We offer service on several SNS platforms, with content and graphic design in Vietnamese, English and Japanese.

SNS Content
Planning & Implementing

  • Plan posting schedule to optimize interaction
  • Create content that sticks to the brand’s positioning and goals
  • Design engaging images and videos and ensure visual guide
  • Interacting with customer

SNS Promotion Campaign
Planning & Implementing

  • Plan to organize campaigns such as give-away, livestream,… to push brand interaction.
  • Launching campaign and interacting with customer.
  • Summarizing reports, evaluating results.

Risk Management

  • Monitor social media mentions.
  • React to negative feedback.
  • Regularly review and update policies.

From $350 / month (4 posts)

(starting price plan will progress in Vietnamese with 1 director and 1 designer)

SNS overview in Vietnam

Project Process Flow

Hybrid solutions for better results

Use Vector’s hybrid communications approach to get the most ideal and cost-effective output.

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