Elevate your brand with the power of influence. Collaborating with influencers can help your brand reach a larger and more relevant audience and gain credibility, trust, and social proof.
With an experienced team, we are committed to building you a PR plan through KOLs.

Vector’s Message

At Vector, we cater to our client’s businesses and carefully select the right influencers for each campaign to ensure the best outcome. We meticulously analyze and pick the best-fitted influencers, who can efficaciously convey the brand’s message to their audience.

It is important to maintain a balance between briefing influencers on what they need to say and making sure they are reaching out to their followers.

We support to connect with a wide range of KOL and Influencers

While big influencers give an immediate effect of widespread reach and awareness, they are costly. Small influencers, on the other hand, are effective in the long run. While they command a smaller audience, they possess a strong reputation and recognition within those niche communities. By harnessing the power of both spectrums of influencers and providing them with proper guidance, their endorsement can yield a substantial return on investment.
Vector meticulously analyze clients’ plan and goal to handpick suitable influencers who can authentically convey the brand message to their audience.

Influencer Classification:

Mega influencers:

Have a massive following and are often celebrities or public figures.

Macro influencers:

Well-known in their industry or niche.

Micro influencers:

Specialize in a particular topic or niche.

Nano influencers:

Experts in a specific niche with a highly engaged audience.

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Always with up-to-date suggestions

The KOLs scene in Viet Nam is constantly changing and revolutionizing.

KOLs all have their unique ways to appeal to their audiences that need incorporating into brands’ marketing strategies. Vector’s ability to understand and roll with the everchanging KOL marketing landscape will help brands to not only convey their message but also contribute to manipulate the brand’s image to our clients’ will.

We offer full packages in KOL marketing, including but not limited to: posting and gifting to social networking sites; invitations to events; participation in FAM trips, and more!

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Hybrid solutions for better results

Use Vector’s hybrid communications approach to get the most ideal and cost-effective output.

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