Public relations or PR for short, is indispensable for any brands to maintain the brand’s image and a good relationship with their customers through various mediums. Vector is proud to be the No. 1 PR firm in Japan and Asia. Our experienced PR consultants will apply the most effective communication strategies to enhance brand’s image. .

Public Relation Services

Media Relations

Vector offer media relations services such as Press release, Press conference, interviews, and more to help brands inform the public of their mission, policies, and practices in the way that will be most beneficial to the brand’s image.

Media Banner

Incorporating media banners in PR can help companies to display their brand image impressively, reach a broad audience, align with target customers, and collect valuable measurable results to improve future campaigns.

PR Monitoring

With an effective PR monitoring and risk management strategy, brand can proactively identify issues, minimize negative impacts, and maintain a positive brand reputation.

PR support in Vietnam

Want to get your business featured in major newspapers and media outlets in Vietnam?

Gain media exposure in Vietnam through our connections with leading online media such as Vn Express, Thanh niên, Zing News, 24h, ect. in various news categories. We offer a cost-effective service to help your business reach its target audience.

Reference Price

Press Release Plan

From $500 / time

  • Press release writing.
  • Press release sending out up to 20 media.
  • Daily media coverage tracking and final clipping report.

Media Banner Plan

From $700 / week

  • Consulting, designing banners appropriate for the brand.
  • Set up and running banner.
  • Weekly report.

PR Monitoring

From $500 / week

  • Daily media monitoring.
  • Daily social media monitoring.
  • Weekly report.

Event Promotion / Media Event

Want to do PR, but don’t have a story to tell? Let’s organize an event.

Conducting events is a very effective way to disseminate information through the media.

Even small pieces of information can be made into larger pieces of information by holding an event, and the event itself can draw the attention of the media and the general public beyond the event.

Vector possesses professionals who have been involved in numerous events such as media gatherings, stage presentations, online seminars, exhibitions, and anniversary parties, and we complete everything from planning to implementation in-house.

PR support in Japan

In Japan, we owns “PR Times” with #1 domestic market share in news/video release distribution. Used by 65,000+ companies / 50% of public-listed companies

Japan No.1 domestic market share in news/video release distribution

PR Times is the most popular press release distribution service for media (reporters) and consumers in Japan.
Maximize the appeal of your press releases and spread your company.

Site PV 75 million*, No.1 market share in Japan

The number of monthly page views is by far the highest in the industry, making it the “most viewed” press release distribution site in Japan.

March 31, 2023, according to Google Analytics.

Hybrid solutions for better results

Use Vector’s hybrid communications approach to get the most ideal and cost-effective output.

Public Relations

Digital Marketing