As a PR agency, Vector understands the importance of delivering a positive, authentic, and consistent message in our video productions. The most important thing in video production is how and to whom the video will be delivered. How do you want them to feel when they watch your video?

Every video we produce, we put ourselves in the shoes of both the brand and the audience and ensuring that the video is delivered effectively to achieve maximum impact.

Don’t let a vague concept hold your brand back!
Let Vector assist you in transforming your idea
into impactful content

Vector studies the objectives our clients really want to deliver. We create accurate and beautiful video from a PR perspective and deliver them to our clients.

Video Production services

Promotional Video

Videos used for branding purposes are meant to create in the long-term strategy for building brand recognition and loyalty, while promotional videos aim to short-term results by increasing sales and revenues.

Animation Video

Animation videos is not only a cost-effective, but also a flexible way to flaunt your ideas, simplify complex concepts in a creative way. It will help maintain consistency the brand’s image while keeping the customers (audience) engaged.

3D Animation Video

3D advertising video serve as the best visual aid when brands wish to introduce and/or explain their products such as machines, in a comprehensible and vivid manners.

Our past projects

Reference Price

Promotional Video

From 60.000.000 VND

  • Free consultation and preliminary ideation.
  • Detailed content, concept, demo video, shooting plan after contract signing.
  • Filming and editing.

Animation Video

From 40.000.000 VND

  • Free consultation and preliminary ideation.
  • Detailed content, concept, demo video, production plan after contract signing.
  • Producing, editing.

3D Animation Video

Estimated after consultation

Project Process Flow

Hybrid solutions for better results

Use Vector’s hybrid communications approach to get the most ideal and cost-effective output.

Public Relations

Digital Marketing