We offer a full-package Consulting services that cover every aspect of business development: from situational analysis to marketing strategy development, implementation, and evaluation. Whether you are looking to improve your brand awareness, deepen customer engagement, or maximize your brand’s competitive advantages, our all-in-one, expert consulting services are here to help you achieve your goals.

Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services in both Vietnam’s and Japan’s markets

Japan → Viet Nam

Japanese companies face various challenges when expanding into the Vietnam’s market, including language and cultural barriers, market differences, legal hurdles, and intense competition. Overcoming these obstacles requires specialized knowledge and expertise with which our marketing consulting service can provide to ensure successful expansion.

Viet Nam → Japan

Japan is a unique market with a different language, culture, and business customs. Vietnamese companies seeking to enter Japan’s market often face challenges such as language and cultural barrier, high competition, regulatory hurdles. With the specialists, including Japanese natives, on our team can help you and your business to overcome these problems.

Within Viet Nam

With cultural and business insights, language skills, market knowledge, networking capabilities, and localized marketing strategies, Vector helps Vietnamese companies to successfully navigate their approach to Japanese customers.

Consulting project process flow


  • Conduct meetings to define issues & requirements
  • Conduct market research to gather data and insights
  • Define project goals and objectives

Planning / Proposal

  • Develop an appropriate strategy with detailed scope of work, timelines, and budget.
  • Present plan and receive feedback
  • Revise plan as needed


  • Execute plan, ensuring that milestones and deliverables are met on time and within budget
  • Communicate regularly with the client to provide updates on progress and address any issues or concerns
  • Monitor project risks and take steps to mitigate them accordingly.

Montly Report

  • Highlight key achievements and milestones
  • Identify any issues or concerns and provide recommendations
  • Obtain client feedback and adjust the project plan as needed

Analysis Results

  • Evaluate the outcome compared with the initial goals and objectives
  • Identify areas for improvement for future projects

Use Vector’s hybrid solutions to get the most ideal and cost-effective output

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