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Vector Vietnamはベトナムにおける企業のマーケティング活動を日本クオリティでのサポートを実施。ベトナムでのマーケティングに関わるコンサルティング・戦略策定、PR、インフルエンサー、デジタルマーケティング、SNS運用、ビデオ制作など、PRに関する様々な領域で事業展開しております。情報を広めるPRのプロフェッショナルとして、企画・戦略の策定から実施まで、総合的なPRコミュニケーションを用いてベトナムでの事業に関わるマーケティングサポートをワンストップで提供します。

Our Services

All-in-one marketing consulting service, with expert support for businesses navigating the Vietnamese and Japanese markets.
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With top-ranked expertise in Japan, our experienced PR consultants provide effective communication strategies and support businesses in maintaining their images in the public eye.
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Providing KOL/Influencer solutions specifically crafted to align with each client's requirements and budget.
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Delivery of tailored marketing plans adhering to business strategy, with transparent and effective implementation, and comprehensive reporting.
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Deployment of social media platforms as a medium to connect companies and target consumers, while carefully monitoring possible reputational risks to prevent any negative incident.
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Professional production that helps business in delivering consistent messages with emotional impact for maximum influence on the client's target audience.
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